ASEAN wind project 2005-06

The main objective of the project is to promote wind energy development and facilitate investments on wind energy projects in Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam through feasibility assessment and capacity building.

More specifically, the project aims are:

- to assess wind energy potential, identify potential wind energy project sites, conduct wind energy measurements and strengthen the capacity of local project partners and other stakeholders on wind energy assessment and measurement;
- to conduct technical feasibility studies including grid connection impact study, and economic and financial analysis and to build the capacity of local project partners and other stakeholders in undertaking these studies;
- to undertake policy, institutional and market studies, propose alternative frameworks and strengthen the capacity of policy makers and decision makers on various government interventions that stimulate investments on wind power projects;
- to prepare project and market briefs to be distributed to potential local and European investors;
- to analyze the potential of carbon finance in stimulating investments on wind energy projects in these countries; and
- to disseminate the study results to project stakeholders for further investigation.

Project Tasks
The project is composed of 9 tasks of which two are support tasks on coordination and dissemination, while task 1 to 7 contain the professional aspects of development and assessment of wind energy projects:

Task 1: Wind Resource Assessment
Task 2: Power System Analysis
Task 3: Policy, Institutional and Market Studies
Task 4: Technical Feasibility Study
Task 5: Economic and Financial Study
Task 6: CDM Study
Task 7: Financial and Contractual Framework

The Project was co-financed by the EC-ASEAN Energy Facility in Jakarta.

Project period: Feb. 2005 - Dec. 2006



Niels-Erik Clausen
Associate Professor
DTU Wind
+45 20 21 50 79


Tom Cronin
Senior Advisor
DTU Wind
+45 46 77 59 61