The test hall of the Large Scale Facility

BLATIGUE: Fast and Efficient Fatigue Test of Large Wind Turbine Blades


The objective of BLATIGUE is to develop fast and efficient fatigue test methods for large wind turbine blades and to develop equipment to excite the blades under such tests.

The standard certification tests, that blades are tested against today, are not representing the real world very well. In reality blades are exposed to torsion and bending in different directions at the same time. The industry consequently needs fatigue test methods that better match the loads to which the blades are exposed to in real operational conditions. A multi-axis fatigue test methods can do exactly that. As blades become larger the time needed to perform the necessary certification tests becomes longer. This is converting into a challenge for the industry as 100m blades are expected to take more than a year to test. There is a need to shorten the test time and multi-axis test methods can do that as flap and edgewise loads can be tested at the same time.

Testing within the project will take place in the new Large Scale Facility at DTU Wind Energy Risø Campus. 

The project started November 1. 2016 and will run until May 31. 2020.

Total project budget: 30.35 mio. DKK.