Wind turbines and wakes


Noise from Wind Turbines is one of the main barriers to public acceptance and further onshore deployment of wind energy. The DecoWind project is to address a fundamental gap in knowledge about noise generating from wind turbines and propagating to receivers/neighbours living nearby. 

Expected outcome:
The main aim of this project is to maximize wind farm annual energy production (AEP) without increasing noise annoyance. The project target is to increase AEP by 3-5% within existing noise regulations and pave the way for new scientific regulations. This aim is realized by (1) developing high-fidelity noise-chain models that can accurately predict atmospheric noise propagation from source to receiver; (2) integrating the developed noise-chain models into EMD’s WindPRO as well as Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE)’s siting tool; (3) updating recommendations for noise regulation; (4) developing wind farm operational strategy (WFOS) for optimal AEP operations of wind turbines in wind farm and demonstration, and (5) commercialization. 

The project started December 1. 2018 and runs for three years.

Total project budget: 18.23 mio. DKK