A wind turbine nacelle and blades

Development and Demonstration of Passive-Controlled 100kw Turbine Smart Rotor Technology Toward Mega-Watt Turbines

The main objective of this project is to develop and demonstrate a passive controlled rotor system technology which introduces the blade bends toward tower introducing the blade twist toward feather or stall direction with  withadematerial and blade material and geometric couplings. This coupling effect is able to reduce the loads which finally results in decreasing the Levelized Cost of Energy because of reducing the Capital expenditure due to load reduction, increasing the generated power output or both.

Expected outcome:
One of the main expected outcomes in this project is an optimized passive controlled blade design where both material and geometric couplings are combined.

The project began June 1016 and runs until June 2019


Taeseong Kim
Professor in Aeroelasticity and Dynamics of Wind Turbines
DTU Wind
+45 21 33 19 61