Development of wind energy technologies in Nepal

Purpose of the project is to explore the applicability of low-cost natural (wood) materials for the production of wind turbines to promote the electrification of dry and windy areas of Nepal . The project includes a comprehensive program of testing of mechanical and fatigue properties of timbers and coatings for wind turbine blades, computational micromechanical analysis of the properties- microstructure relationships of wood, as well as the development, installation and field testing of small wind turbines with wooden blades in Nepal.

Project leader: Leon Mishnaevsky Jr., Dr.-Ing. habil. Other Risø DTU participants: Povl Brøndsted, Jakob Bech, Hai Qing (now at Siemens)

Partners in Nepal: Pramod Ghimire, and Chudamani Lamichhnae (Managers), Ranjan Sharma and Rakesh Sinha (Scientists), Kathmandu Power and Energy Group (KAPEG): Rakesh Shresta, Jun Hada and Pushkar Manandhar, Practical Action Nepal.


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  • A special issue of the Journal of Wind Engineering, co-edited by Leon, has been published. You can read the Editorial here.



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