Estimation of water vapour and carbon dioxide exchange over a heterogeneous Danish landscape.

The FLUX project runs in years 2005 to 2007 with funding from the Danish Research Agency The project is coordinated by Institute of Geography at University of Copenhagen.

The project homepage is available here

Accurate estimates of energy, water and carbon balance of the Earth surface are crucial in relation to resource management and weather and climate predictions. For land surface-atmosphere exchange this has resulted in development of large-scale experimental measurement programmes and networks.

In the project the island of Zealand in Denmark is the main study area. Observations will be collected from tall meteorological masts with eddy correlation instruments, airborne flux measurements, radio-soundings and large aperture scintillometer. The modelling tools are based on area weighting, convective boundary layer budget model, linearized flow aggregation model, satellite-based Earth Observation model and satellite-based Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere-Transfer (SVAT) model.



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