A different type of wind turbine - only one blade

INDUFLAP2: Industrial adaptation of a prototype flap system for wind turbines 2


A number of numerical and experimental studies over the last more than 10 years have shown that active flap systems can provide an interesting perspective for control of aerodynamic loads along wind turbine blades. In the state of the art technology control is done by pitching the blades and by variable rotor speed. With an active flap system a third control option is present which has the big advantage that the load control can vary along the blade span which can increase Annual Energy Production (AEP), reduce noise and significantly reduce overall turbine loading. With a successful implementation of active flap technology it can be a quantum leap reducing the overall cost of energy for wind turbines.

Previous work on INDUFLAP1

The project builds upon the results of the EUDP 2010-II project “Industrial adaptation of a prototype flap system for wind turbines” (INDUFLAP) carried out in the period 2011-2014.

Another important basis for the project is the considerable experience obtained by Siemens in using passive add on´s like serrated trailing edges. Siemens has also worked with different active flap concepts in the past.




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