Offshore wind turbines side by side

MaRINET2: Marine Renewable Infrastructure Network for Enhancing Technologies 2

DTU leads the Work Package 6 E-infrastructures. This is an important new element, which fills a strategic gap offering access to data and virtual services. Taking stock of existing capacities for data management/sharing; it addresses user requirements and demonstrates the operation of a new system based on standards and tools adapted from the SeaDataNet infrastructure . Furthermore, DTU Wind Energy will share the WindScanner Infrastructure, one of the most innovative devices in the wind energy sector.

Expected outcome:
MARINET2 will ensure the continued integration and enhancement of all leading European research infrastructures and facilities specialising in research, development and testing of offshore renewable energy systems including electrical sub systems and grid integration through a range of TRLs (1-7). MARINET FP7 proved the added value of uniting these facilities and identified critical areas for further technical investigation and enhancement.

The project began on January 2017 and will run for 4 and a half year until July 2021.

Total project budget: 78.91 mio. DKK.