A yellow buoy on water

PivotBuoy. Advanced Single Point Mooring System for lighter, cost-effective and reliable 10MW+ Floating Wind

This project will design, develop and test the PivotBuoy, an innovative single point mooring system with the potential to allow floating wind technology to reduce structural and installation costs while operating safely and reliably in harsh ocean conditions reliably. By implementing an engineering design process and a stepped testing and validation program of the different components including testing at the factory (FAT), at the port after the assembly (SAT) and after in a relevant environment at PLOCAN at 1:6 scale, the technology will be validated in a cost-effective manner reducing both the investment and risks that would be imply a full-scale demonstration project.

The objective of the project

The overarching project objective is to reduce the cost of energy (LCoE) of floating wind by 50% through the validation of the PivotBuoy, an innovative subsystem that reduces the costs of mooring systems and floating platforms, allows faster and cheaper installation and a more reliable operation. This cost reduction will allow reaching the LCoE strategic targets for floating wind energy defined in the SET-Plan of 12c€/kWh by 2025 and less than 9c€/kWh by 2030. This will be achieved by targeting the following specific objectives resulting in a reduction of 45% in CAPEX, 48% in OPEX and 12% in downtime of current systems

The projected is going to start 1 March 2019, ending 28 February 2022.

Total project budget: 29.50 mio. DKK.

Project funding

The project is funded by EU. Please read about the funding of the project here: http://www.x1wind.com/x1wind-technology/