The picture shows a graphic of a wind farm controller

Powerkey - Enhanced WT control for Optimized WPP Operation


The PowerKey project will show how control strategies of the individual wind turbines (WT) in a wind farm (WF) affect the neighboring wind turbines. This project will develop new WT control functionalities, which enables design of optimized integrated WT and WF control schemes with the purpose of mitigating aggregated WT loading, improving WF production, and not least to increase the WFs abilities to provide ancillary services to the energy system. The PowerKey project will achieve these goals by changing the present WT controller design philosophy, (i.e. individual WT performance optimization) to a WT control philosophy in which overall WF performance optimization is facilitated by advanced individual WT controller functionalities. This is obtained by changing controller design criteria from greedy individual WTs to controller design facilitating cooperative and interdependent elements of a WF.

Expected outcome: 

  • Reduced LCOE through power optimization in the wind farm and life time extension of the individual wind turbines
  • Grid friendliness and ancillary services support
  • Reductions of the O&M costs