Wind turbines and solar cells in close collaboration

RePlan: Ancillary services from Renewable power Plants


Only with more mature and coordinated ancillary services from renewable generation (ReGen) plants, like wind (WP) and photovoltaic power (PV) plants, will Denmark be able to attain the goal of the Danish government of an entire renewable energy integrated system by the end of 2050. RePlan project is a necessary step stone on the route to this target, as its main objective is to enable a resilient power system by developing technical solutions for the provision of ancillary services by ReGen plants.

RePlan aims at rethinking the way of using ReGen resources in the power system. Until now, ReGen plants played a role only in the energy production. But from now on, the foreseen high penetration of wind and solar PV energy into the Danish electricity supply must impose delivery of ancillary services directly from ReGen to ensure the system stability. In this respect, RePlan targets to provide solutions on different coordinated ancillary services support scenarios targeting ReGen plants, like WP and PV, identifying and analyzing their strengths and limitations and anticipating new challenges and uncertainties related to the coordination of their ancillary services.

The novelty of RePlan consists in the investigation and verification of the ancillary services provision from wind and photovoltaic power plants and of the suitability to coordinate their services provision to power system operator.

The project began January 2015 and will run for 3 years.


Anca Daniela Hansen
Associate Professor
DTU Wind
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