SESS, Smart Embedded Sensor System

The SESS project will aim to provide the wind energy sector with a cost-effective monitoring device and analytical tool for locating changes in turbine rotor blade structure. The innovative aspect of SESS lies in the dual active/passive detection method and a novel approach to damage detection analysis.

The partners in this European project are; Innowacja Polska, Noliac A/S, EC Electronics, Risø DTU, and ELIKO

Risø DTU will contribute with state-of-the-art analysis in the relevant areas of interest for the SESS consortium, particularly; industry activities in the standardisation of data tools and control systems, practical and physical challenges facing hardware to be deployed in operation (both onshore and offshore), concepts for Structural Health Monitoring and targeting the “capability level” of the (initial) SESS design, relevant material investigations detailing critical damage types to be detected, and structural design information to assist sensor placement and other system objectives.

Laboratory test facilities at Risø DTU will host all the environmental, material and structural conditioning on structural sub-components that are defined by the consortium in order to calibrate the model for wave propagation used by the SESS. All generated data being analysed by the consortium in order to update/confirm the model environment for SESS signal interpretation.

As well as the sub-component testing, Risø-DTU also has a full-scale blade test facility available for research purposes . Such full scale testing will be vital to document the successful detection of the damage initiation, localisation, identification, and subsequent growth of damage by the prototype SESS in a realistic environment and configuration. This damage detection assessment will be complementary with the in-situ installation where the SESS must demonstrate successful system function over an extended period of operation. Risø DTU will contribute strongly to the combined assessment of the SESS in this implementation phase.

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Malcolm McGugan
Chief Development Engineer
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