Wind Wave Interaction for Off-shore Wind Energy Utilization

Development of a model based on combined wind profile and wave spectrum measurements at specific sites.

Aim of the project
For resource assessment and project planning of offshore wind farms a reliable prediction of the wind resource is crucial. The favourable wind conditions offshore and mainly caused by the low surface roughness of the sea. In contrary to land conditions, the sea surface roughness depends on the wave field present, which in turn depends on the wind, distance to the shore, etc.

Offshore measurements
Measurement sites with combined wind profile and wave spectrum measurements are used to develop and validate the model:

- Vindeby
- Gotland
- Rødsand

EU-JOULE project: ‘Predicting Offshore Wind Energy Resources'

- Development of simplified model

Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI)

- Project ‘Wind-wave interaction in fetch restricted coastal and shallow water environment’
- Wave model WAM

Danish utilities ELSAM and ELKRAFT

- WIND and measurements wave


Søren Ejling Larsen
DTU Wind
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