42nd Risoe International Symposium on Materials Science

Microstructural variability: Processing, analysis, mechanisms and properties 5–9 September 2022

Today’s industrially produced metallic materials generally are very advanced, and as such future breakthroughs will need to rely on detailed novel microstructural understandings. As a reflection of this, the 42nd Risø International Symposium will focus on the importance of a paradigm change from microstructural characterization largely based only on determination of overall average parameters to a new level, where microstructural variability is carefully analysed and included in simulations. The microstructural variability includes studies of the heterogeneity in microstructure, as well as effect of variations on a more local and distributed length scale. The whole range of metals and alloys from single phase conventional metals to advanced microstructurally designed ones are in focus. The microstructural parameters to be considered are not limited only to those for classic features, such as dislocations, cells, subgrains and grains but include local orientation relationships, local strain, etc.

We welcome presentations that cover:
• Detailed characterization of microstructural variability in metallic materials on any length scale
• Analysis and simulations of microstructural evolution, including local variations, during processing and operation
• Effect of microstructural variability on mechanical and physical properties, as well as performance
• Concepts of microstructural design and enabling manufacturing techniques
• Linking local experimental findings to analytical and numerical models
• Next generation metals and alloys for engineering applications

The format of the Symposium will follow its traditional scheme, with all presentations being given in the Auditorium at the DTU Risø Campus. There will be no parallel sessions and the participants will have ample time for in-depth discussions both following the presentations and during joint coffee breaks, lunches and dinners.

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