DTU reorganises. A new name and a fourth division added to the department

To support DTU’s strategy to develop sustainable technology for people and create stronger research environments, the University is now reorganizing its research in key areas. The DTU Center for Electrical Power and Energy (CEE) becomes part of DTU Wind Energy. As part of the expansion, the department changes name to DTU Wind and Energy Systems.

The world is facing a major transition towards electrifying our energy systems as part of the move to sustainable energy sources. DTU Centre for Electrical Power and Energy (CEE) will therefore be a part of the new Department of Wind and Energy Systems, with a new division name Power and Energy Systems (PES).

With this integration, the new department will reflect the industry’s transition from wind turbine manufacturing to the supply of sustainable electrical energy systems.

“The wind industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation towards becoming a provider of broader energy solutions for the green electrification of society; solutions that include wind energy and wind-hybrid systems. DTU Wind  and CEE have strong complimentary competences, facilities and industry collaboration. Together we can offer a broad range of education, research, innovation and science based advise solutions to students, industry, public organisations and society at large”. Peter Hauge Madsen, Head of Department for DTU Wind and Energy Systems.

The new department will build new strong research environments at DTU that can address important societal agendas such as a sustainable life in the cities of the future and the electrification of energy systems in the transition to sustainable energy sources. The new department is part of a larger organisational change at DTU.

For more information see the news at DTU.dk:

The division of Power and Energy Systems (PES) has six new sections as shown on the organogram:

DTU Wind Organogram