E-mobility and Prosumer Integration

300 million electric vehicles by 2050 in Europe will increase electrical consumption by 20% and potentially triple peak load. We want to enhance their inherent flexibility and ensure that they facilitate the green transition by integrating solar and wind energy, while safeguarding power system secure operation. Smart control approaches and advanced power electronics are the fundamental building blocks.

Electrification of mobility and prosumer solutions are at the center of our research. This includes grid-tied power converters for the pro-active grid integration of mobility assets along with behind-the-meter technologies. Mobility assets consist of light and heavy vehicles, marine vessels, and rail vehicles, as well as the associated charging infrastructures. Modelling, design and control by use of modern control theory are applied to ensure optimal design, coordination and cyber-security.


  • Electric vehicle modelling and control
  • Converter design and optimization
  • Components experimental validation
  • Dynamic modelling and control
  • Integration of renewables in power systems
  • Hybrid AD-DC system design
  • Converter control for grid support
  • End-user energy management


  • EV-technology
  • Charging flexibility and infrastructure
  • Power electronics
  • Battery energy systems
  • Hybrid AC-DC systems

Research area & applications

  • Grid integrated electric vehicles
  • Smart and autonomous charging
  • Vehicle-to-grid
  • Charging infrastructure design
  • Fast-charging stations
  • Charging patterns
  • Hybrid power plants
  • Behind-the-meter applications
  • Smart power converters and drives
  • Electric vehicle battery degradation
  • Microgrids EV clustering and control
  • Electrical machines and drivetrains
  • Cyber-security and smart-diagnostics


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