Measurement Systems and Methods

Our ambition is to stay world-leading in wind and wind turbine measurement techniques. By exploring new technological possibilities we will continue to support the Department’s experimental activities, delivering measurements of the highest quality, reliability and novelty.

MEM consists of a wonderfully diverse group of technicians, engineers and scientists. Together we span all the disciplines necessary for designing and conducting great measurements –  mechanical fabrication, data acquisition, sensor development, experimental design, data and uncertainty analyses.


  • Measurement systems
  • Experiments
  • Metrology


  • Design and fabrication
  • Lidar technology
  • Sensor development
  • Data acquisition software
  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Operation
  • Reporting
  • Data management
  • Quality control
  • Data analysis

Research area & applications

  • Development of new measurement sensors and methods
  • Data acquisition systems and software
  • Wind speed uncertainty
  • Experimental measurements: 
    (Wind, wind turbines, noise, in-situ blade pressure and speed, wakes and blockage)

Head of Section