International collaboration

DTU Wind and Energy Systems benchmarks itself globally. The international outlook is consequently important to work with the best and support the deployment of Danish wind and energy systems technology and expertise internationally. The department is active in a variety of international projects, alliances, standardization committees and policy initiatives; especially at European level, where the department plays a proactive role towards academic, industrial and policy stakeholders.

European Collaboration
The department strives to develop strategies and common positions with its European partners to the European Commission to help define European research priorities in the area of wind energy.

DTU Wind and Energy Systems is a key contributor to the European Research Area. The department is present and recognized in European initiatives and bodies and participates in the Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, Horizon 2020.

The department coordinates the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Joint Programme on Wind Energyand is thus a key player in implementing strategic, public research in the framework of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) and the EU Energy Union.

The department encourages the opening up of its major research infrastructures. That includes the upcoming Poul la Cour Wind Tunnel and the Large Scale Facility, which are currently being constructed. Both will be open to international use. In addition, the department is also leading the European consortium of partners who plans to establish and operate a joint European Research Infrastructure - the European WindScanner Facility.