Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

DTU Wind and Energy Systems works closely with several companies, other research institutions, universities etc. The close cooperation has resulted in several strategic alliances and partnerships.

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is an alliance of European public research centres and universities. It is one of the cornerstones of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

EERA brings together more than 175 research centres and universities. Actively working together in 17 joint research programmes, they build on national research initiatives to strengthen European collaboration. DTU Wind and Energy Systems is coordinating the EERA Joint Programme for Wind Energy (EERA JP WIND) which brings together 49 European research organisations working on shaping the European research agenda-setting and the implementation of it.  

The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Wind Energy (ETIPWind) connects Europe’s wind energy community. The platform involves key stakeholders from the wind energy industry as well as policy and research institutions.

DTU Wind and Energy Systems is a member of the the Steering Committee of ETIPWind.

EAWE is a registered body of research institutions and universities in Europe working on wind energy research and development. It is a vital academic, research community to keep Europe in the forefront of wind energy pre-competitive innovation.

EAWE was founded in 2004, and it formulates and executes joint R&D projects and coordinates high quality scientific research and education on wind energy at a European level.

WindEurope is the voice of the wind industry, actively promoting wind power in Europe and worldwide. It has more than 500 members active in more than 50 countries; the members including wind turbine manufacturers with a leading share of the world wind power market, plus component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewables associations, developers, contractors, electricity providers, finance and insurance companies, and consultants.

DTU Wind and Energy Systems is a member of WindEurope and sits in the Board.

IEA - International Energy Agency
IEA examines the full spectrum of energy issues including oil, gas and coal supply and demand, renewable energy technologies, electricity markets, energy efficiency, access to energy, demand side management and much more. Through its work, the IEA advocates policies that will enhance the reliability, affordability and sustainability of energy in its 29 member countries and beyond.
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