The research wind turbine V52 at DTU Risø Campus

The research wind turbine V52

The research wind turbine V52 from Vestas is situated at DTU Risø Campus as a part of the row of wind turbines at the fjord. The 850 kW wind turbine arrived at DTU in 2015.

The wind turbine is used for the researchers’ experiments at DTU. Especially for tests of meteorological equipment, structural and electric measurements and verifications of models of calculations. The work will bring better tools for optimizing current wind turbines and construction of the next generation of wind turbines.

The research wind turbine is a variable speed pitch adjusted wind turbine and works as the main part of the large modern megawatt wind turbines. Consequently, despite the relatively small size of 74 meters and an effect of 850 kW experiments relevant for the recent generation of wind turbines can be carried out. Vestas V52 is the mostly sold model from Vestas: there are more than 2100 of the kind worldwide.

DTU’s research facility
DTU is the owner of the wind turbine. Consequently, we are free to set the priorities and execute the experiments which are relevant for the research of DTU. Moreover, the wind turbine is situated close to the working place of the researchers which eases the working procedure when performing practical tests or making changes in the experimental set-ups.