Renewable Plants in Energy Systems

Our ambition is to improve the integration of wind power in energy systems and markets. Renewable Plants in Energy Systems will provide research and develop solutions on local to continental scales and on time scales from milliseconds to decades, working towards 100% renewable power and energy systems.

The Renewable Plants in Energy Systems section uses the electrical, control, and power and energy system knowledge for: Variable and Renewable Energy (VRE) system integration; wind power modelling; grid connection and offshore transmission systems; design, operation and control of wind and hybrid power plants; operation and control of power systems with high shares of converter-based generation; variability & uncertainty of VRE generation; and wind power forecasting. 


  • Power engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Control engineering
  • Applied statistics
  • Applied mathematics


  • Modelling of variability & uncertainty of RES generation for grid planning
  • Ancillary services provision
  • Grid codes(Offshore) transmission modelling and control
  • Wind and hybrid power plants modelling and control
  • Power system modelling with high renewable shares
  • Converter control for grid support
  • Forecasting
  • Electrical design and optimization

Research area & applications

  • Variability & uncertainty of weather dependent generation for grid and energy system planning
  • Power systems with high shares of converter based renewable generation
  • Grid connection and offshore transmission
  • Modelling, design, operation and electrical control of wind and hybrid power plants
  • Wind power forecasting
  • Energy system integration and balancing