Society, Market & Policy

We aim to improve the understanding of the dynamics and interdependencies between technology, economics, society and the environment in the energy transition; and develop solutions for the complex challenges of creating a coherent enabling environment for the deployment and integration of wind energy, and for a responsible and sustainable technological development.

We work towards a sustainable and just energy system that integrates renewable technologies, multiple sectors, diverse actors, and provides affordable and fair energy to everybody – with wind energy as its backbone. We perform multi-disciplinary social science research in the technological, economic and societal nexus of wind energy. We use qualitative and quantitative methods, empirical data, interviews, case studies, financial modelling, socio-economic and policy analysis to study wind energy project development, environmental impacts, social interactions, markets, policy, and industry processes.


  • Human Geography
  • Science & Technology Studies (STS)
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Innovation studies
  • Engineering Science


  • Social acceptability of wind energy
  • Planning & development processes, stakeholder participation
  • Sustainability & environmental impacts
  • Wind energy economics & finance 
  • Energy policy & support mechanism design
  • Controversy mapping

Research area & applications

  • Planning & development of wind energy projects
  • Sustainable technology & science
  • Wind energy markets, economics & finance
  • Energy policy design
  • Sustainability transitions
  • Technological innovation and industry formation
  • Science communication

Head of Section