Systems Engineering and Optimization

Our ambition is to bring systems engineering to wind and renewable energy park design, operation and control. By implementing holistic analysis and optimization approaches, we can increase the value and reduce the cost of energy of wind and renewable energy parks.


The section applies advanced systems engineering and optimization methods to multidisciplinary research that bridges key domains of wind and renewable energy. The SYS section focuses on modelling, analysis and optimal design of complex systems including wind and hybrid power plants. Research outcomes are implemented in software tools and incorporated into courses to the benefit of the broader wind energy community.


  • Optimization 
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Flow Physics
  • Control 
  • Forecasting
  • Systems Engineering
  • Applied Economics
  • Software Engineering 
  • Data Analysis


  • Optimization Methods
  • Multidisciplinary Optimization
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Data science, ML, and AI
  • Wind farm multi-scale modelling
  • Engineering Modelling and Validation
  • Control engineering and design
  • Predictive time series analysis
  • Design and cost engineering
  • Software Development

Research area & applications

  • Wind farm design optimization
  • Wind farm flows, operation and control
  • Hybrid power plant design and operation (including power-to-x)
  • Energy community design and operation
  • Multidisciplinary optimization of systems and structures
  • Innovation impacts to wind energy systems