Research Facilities


We operate some of the world’s most advanced research infrastructure and test facilities for wind and energy systems. Researchers and companies can test everything from nano-scale materials, large-scale structures, fully powered demonstrations of turbines to stability and balancing the net-infrastructure. All commercial test activities are supported by our dedicated researchers and engineers.

Our flagship facilities

Materials lab
The lab offers composite processing techniques such as infusion, hot press molding or 3D printing; preparation of test specimens, accredited mechanical testing to meet industrial standards, X-ray computed tomography, electron microscopy, sensor instrumentation, and signal analysis. Regarding metallic components, our facilities can provide bearing tests as wells as mechanical tests.

Poul La Cour Tunnel
The largest university-owned wind tunnel in the world. It has been designed specifically for aerodynamic and aeroacoustic testing of airfoils and rotors. It is a closed-return tunnel with maximum flow speeds of up to 378km/h, similar to three-time hurricane strength.

Large Scale Facility
The 1560 m2 test hall has three stands capable of testing up to 50-meter blades. Advanced structural tests and loading
of turbine blades provide accurate data about strength, reliability and fatigue. We perform experimental research as well as demonstration of sensors and new digital solutions.

Østerild National Test Center
Located at the west coast of Northern Jutland the facility has some of the best wind conditions in the world, allowing manufacturers to test turbines before they enter the market. Its close proximity to the sea allows the testing of both on- and offshore turbines. The nine test stands are capable of trialling the new generation of mega-turbines up to 330 metres tall

Other facilities

  • Høvsøre Test center
  • AC/DC lab
  • BladeLab
  • Windscanner
  • Rotating Test Rig
  • Risø Research Turbines