Leading-Edge Erosion Test Facility

Leading-Edge Erosion Test Facility

Upcoming launch of the state-of-the-art Leading Edge Erosion Test Facility located at the Risø campus.
The testers from R&D Test-systems A/S is scheduled for commissioning in Q1 2024, providing researchers and OEM’s more access than ever before, state of the art and beyond within the field of rain erosion.

Adhering to Excellence:

Committed to delivering results that adhere to the highest industry standards, our facility conducts testing in accordance with the rigorous DNV-GL-RP 0171 and 0573 guidelines. Researchers and industry professionals can have complete confidence in the validity and reliability of our test outcomes.

A Hub for Innovation and Research:

Designed primarily for cutting-edge research projects, our facility is also open for commissioned work. This dual approach ensures that we are not only at the forefront of academic exploration but also actively contributing to practical solutions in the wind energy sector.

Beyond Standard Testing – Exploring New Frontiers:

Our facility isn’t just another test center. It’s an evolving platform for development, offering non-standard options that push the boundaries of conventional testing:
  • Enhanced Rain Flow: increased rain flow capabilities of up to 400l/h, surpassing the standard 120l/h, allowing for shorter testing times at tip speeds matching turbine conditions.
  • Dual Independent Droplet Manifolds: with the standard 600 and expanded 1200 needles droplet manifolds, our facility offers unmatched precision in simulating diverse weather conditions.
    • Easy switching from standard 2.4mm drop size.
      • Up to 3x reduction in test time at standard conditions.
    • Combine drop size, parallel or sequential.
    • Spray mode operation for sub mm droplet and up to 6x reduction in test time.
  • Expanded Heat-pump System: Our facility boasts a powerful 50kW thermal heating and cooling system, allowing better testing stability and possibility for testing different climate conditions. Expected +-15ºC Vs. Ambient.

Designed for Tomorrow:

The extra-tall test chamber is not just about size; it's about potential. It opens up possibilities for future expansions, such as hail impact testing and accommodating diverse measuring systems, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve.

A Learning Environment:

As part of our commitment to education the larger operator facility is more than just a workspace. It’s a place for teaching and training the next generation of wind energy experts, fostering an environment of learning and professional growth.

Join us in this journey as we set new benchmarks in wind turbine research and development. We're experts at wearing things down at DTU — not just our coffee machine, but also in testing blades to ensure they outlast even the rainiest of Danish weather. We take our blades to breaking point, so they don't break when it actually matters, making sure the only thing eroding is our test samples, not your turbines.



In the GIF a 2.4 mm diameter droplet can be seen from two angles as it impacts a aluminum test specimen the rotor moving at 160m/s. The video was captured at 4000 frames per second.

In the GIF a 2.4 mm diameter droplet can be seen from two angles as it impacts a aluminum test specimen the rotor moving at 160m/s. The video was captured at 4000 frames per second.


44kW Heat Pump

In the picture, you see the 44kW Heat Pump / Chiller for the ventilation system from Enerblue, which will help us control and maintain the temperature in the testing chamber. Our machine is the first R&D-style tester to implement this upgrade. In practical terms, we expect to be able to heat and cool with a difference of plus or minus 15 degrees Celsius compared to the outside temperature. In comparison, the heat pump could heat and cool around 6 normal houses.

Construction site for Leading-Edge Erosion Test Facility

Construction site for Leading-Edge Erosion Test Facility.

Signing of Agreement. 21 April 2023.


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