LowWind: The Low-Wind turbine concept for integration

The overall objective of the project is to explore the potentials of a completely new wind turbine concept – the Low-Wind turbine, designed for optimal integration in a power system with considerable amount of renewables. The Low-Wind turbine will produce more than the double amount of energy at low wind when the electricity prices typically are high but will be shut down already at 12-14m/s.

Expected outcome:
In the first year of the two-year project several turbine concepts will be briefly explored. One main characteristic will be a low specific rotor power of about 100 W/m^2. Further, the influences of the low stop wind speed of 12-14 m/s will be utilized to develop a low cost, light and flexible design.

A more detailed design of the most promising concept will be carried out in the second year, enabling an accurate estimation of the competiveness of the Low-Wind turbine. The LowWind project can thus form the basis for future projects on detailed designs of the LowWind turbine concept.

The project began October 1, 2019 and runs until December 31, 2021.

Total project budget: 11.65 mio. DKK.


Helge Aagaard Madse
DTU Wind
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